Updated at 2021-04-30 09:36:18 UTC

Top 5 Digital Marketing Tools to Boost your Business Growth

As the number of start-ups rises, many of them require a competitive edge to enhance their sales. One of the most effective ways to achieve this is to invest in a good digital marketing strategy that can bring them great exposure to their targeted audience. That is where the concept of digital marketing comes into place.

However, in modern times, digital marketers are expected to be present at hundreds of places simultaneously. Whether they wish to fine-tune their social presence or create engaging content, growing a brand’s presence in the digital world is not what it used to be.

Hence, to make your marketing campaign top-notch, one would need several digital marketing tools and must know to operate them successfully.

Read below to find the 5 most valuable tools linked with digital marketing which you can begin with and help grow your business.

1. SEMrush

If you have just started with your digital marketing strategies, then SEMrush can be a cherished asset in your journey. SEMrush optimizes the visibility of various brands across different channels and helps to discover great growth opportunities.

Also, SEMrush does not only help with running SEO campaigns. Instead, it also focuses upon PPC or Pay-Per-Click campaigns and creates unique and attractive content which can then allow businesses to engage with their audience constructively.

However, the best feature of this tool is that it is remarkably user-friendly, preventing you from learning to use it.

2. Canva

As the competition rises, visual is increasingly taking over mere textual content for effective promotion of brands. Hence, designers are required to create state-of-the-art graphical content for web blogs, social media posts, and beyond. That being said, Canva can be a great tool to help you out in this process!

Canva is a free of cost, online publishing tool, which is used to develop social media graphic designs, presentations, and other visual content. One can utilize this tool to either create attractive images from scratch or refine some graphics which you already have in your arsenal.

3. Buffer

One of the key strategies of content marketing is the effective use of various social media channels to promote a brand’s story and its products. However, as the number of social media accounts and platforms has increased day by day, it has become more troublesome for content marketers to handle these many channels for running ads and posting content.

Buffer is software built to manage social media accounts, analyze their progress, and engage with their users. It allows marketers to schedule posts as well as give post suggestions to users on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, etc.

4. BuzzStream

With many companies looking towards content marketing, a large amount of content has been competing to seek attention. Thus, Influential marketing has marked its importance for many brands to a quality advertisement. If you wish to connect with influencers, you must stay confident of who they are and what specific niche they belong to.

BuzzStream allows you to build relationships with influencers and collaborate with them to enhance your brand’s visibility, improve your search performance and influence your audience to convert into potential customers.

5. Hootsuite

There is no doubt about the significance of social media when it comes to marketing. As it is a must to thrive in the modern digital age, the challenges associated with it are also in plenty.

However, if you rely on Hootsuite, social media marketing may not prove to be that difficult as it sounds. This software allows you to recognize the best influencers, evaluate the performance of your posts and schedule engaging content when your targeted audience is most active!

Final thoughts

If you wish to learn the practical application of digital marketing tools, then you must join the best digital marketing institute in delhi. Digital marketing is indeed not an easy task, but with the help of the tools we have mentioned above, it can yield the preferred outcomes with much ease.