Updated at 2019-09-13 11:48:42 UTC

The Best Ways of Acquiring Active Instagram Followers When You Are in a Rush

Instagram marketers are bombarded with offers by agencies trying to sell them thousands of Instagram followers for a few hundred dollars. While it seems an attractive method of increasing follower count, you don’t get any real engagement, website traffic, or sales because they are all bot-generated fake followers, not active followers. Even the Instagram algorithm spots such accounts and allocates poor positions on the timelines of users - your target audience is less likely to see your posts so all the money invested in buying fake followers is a complete waste. 

Building the Instagram Follower Base Quickly 

Unfortunately, the acquisition of authentic followers takes a lot of time because you need to find out who is interested in you, engage with them, and convince them following you is a good idea. The other way is to use Instagram Ads; however, it is relatively quite expensive. Fortunately, you can purchase active Instagram followers to boost your brand-building efforts. The problem is there are lots of agencies who claim to sell real Instagram followers but may only give you fake bots followers, so you will need to know how not to be scammed.

Only Purchase Targeted Followers

Avoid agencies who do not ask who your target audience is, what you do, who your competitors are, and what your best performing hashtags are? It is with this information that the agency can build a list of targeted accounts that will interact with you and not some random followers who have no clue who you are.

Avoid Buying Too Cheap

Since buying real Instagram followers is invariably far cheaper than running ad campaigns, there is a natural inclination to favor purchase, however, if the price quoted seems to be too low, you can be sure that the quality will not be as high as expected or even may actually be bots generating stormlikes, not real people. According to https://influencermarketinghub.com, these bots may often bring spam to your Instagram account.

Buy from Reputed Agencies

Because the entire concept of buying followers has a bad reputation, it is a good policy to work only with the reputed agencies who will be able to share with you their strategy of how they will get followers for you. Agencies that take cover under the excuse of trade secrets are better avoided because they could very well be offering only bot followers.

Aim for Growth in Engagement Not Only Follower Count

It is important to remember that your real intention of buying active Instagram followers is to boost your engagement rate as well as your follower count. Brand visibility and awareness is a function of both these factors and the days are long gone when only the number of followers was important – now it is all about the quality.


When you are aiming to increase your engagement rate by purchasing followers, you need to be careful that you do not purchase bots since they do not give real engagement and are a complete waste of money and may even get you driven down the feed of followers. Instead, take care to buy followers only from reputed agencies who take into account your actual profile and target audience to get you active followers who will engage with you and boost your engagement rate.