Updated at 2019-09-04 08:52:50 UTC

The best options for HR training

Training is essential across all departments of an organization. Be it sales, marketing, human resources, accounts, or even the front desk, everyone needs to be trained from time to time. Training is typically conducted under two circumstances:

  • The on-the-job performance of the employee(s) is not up to the mark, and needs to be improved. Training seeks to fill this gap.

  • New skills and technologies make an appearance in the market, and the employee(s) will be taught about how to make the best of these.

Need for training HR

Typically, training is organized by the HR department, as it is best placed to map the employee needs and facilitate suitable sessions. However, HR professionals themselves also need to be trained regularly. The HR department oversees a number of functions such as hiring, training, policy monitoring and dispute resolution, and HR managers and other employees must get the right training. Training for HR personnel is important for the below reasons:

  • HR needs to select, interview and hire new employees.

  • HR develops and must explain new policies.

  • HR must select the right employee health program and explain the same to the employees suitably.

  • HR educates employees about safety issues on the job.

  • HR professionals are required to possess the skills to resolve employee conflicts.

The best HR training providers

A number of providers offer training for HR executives. The training sessions can be held in local classrooms or can also be done online. Some of the top providers are listed below:

Society for Human Resource Management

The Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) is a leader in HR expertise. All things considered, their training is the best for anyone who wants to learn more about HR or desires to take up a HR certification. The key points about training from SHRM are given below:

  • There is a huge number and variety of training options available

  • Employees with or without HR degrees can be trained in HR and earn a human resource certification

  • SHRM has expertise in a number of areas:

  • Labor law

  • HR compliance

  • Benefits options

  • Payroll

  • There is a wide range of pricing options available for training and certification. SHRM offers e-learning, webcasts, onsite training and seminars that start as low as $40; on the other end, there are classroom seminars priced at $1,755.

  • Mode of training: SHRM offers a number of options, such as the following:

  • Seminars

  • Onsite training

  • eLearning

  • Senior leadership programs

  • Virtual events

  • Webcasts

  • Micro-credentials


For online HR training, HR.com is an excellent option. All of its content is online, and there are free webinars too. Additional details are as below:

  • Member benefits: Once you join as a member, you have access to the following:

  • Member-only online seminars

  • Two- to 20-minute webcasts for beginners

  • Advanced versions of the courses for HR professionals

  • Pricing: This is based on the service time frame chosen. Monthly and yearly memberships of different categories are available, giving access to all training content as well as downloadable resources and interactive HR guides.

  • Training offerings: These include the following:

  • Membership categories:

  • HR Genius membership with access to online training on all HR topics

  • Ambassador program targeted to HR professionals with access to tools and networking

  • Training for HR certification and re-certification

  • Webcasts and virtual events

  • HR product and service reviews and technology discussions

  • Annual two-day conference for HR professionals

Human resource certifications

Other than training, HR professionals can also opt for HR certifications. These are a good way to get accreditation in the field and make a career jump or a move to higher responsibilities. Some of the major certification providers are given below:

  • Talent Management Institute

  • International Association for Human Resource Information Management 

  • WorldatWork Society of Certified Professionals