Updated at 2021-01-23 11:05:58 UTC

Education in Richmond Secondary School - Public vs Private

Parents who want to enroll their children inhigh school can choose either a public or private Richmond secondary school. A public school is funded by the government and offers free education. Private secondary schools are independent schools that offer distinct benefits as compared to public schools. While public schools are run by boards and follow standard policies, private schools can follow their own policies and are run by independent management, free of control by the government or any public board.

Comparing Public And Private Schools

Comparing Richmond secondary school public vs. private would help in understanding the differences between the two, as well as the pros and cons. This will help parents in making an informed decision on choosing between these two types of schools. The following is a detailed comparison of public and private schools:

1. School Management

A private Richmond secondary school would be managed by the people who have commenced the school while adhering to the standards layed out by the Canadian goverment. This gives them freedom to operate the school the way they want to achieve the outcomes they wish to achieve. They have the flexibility to hire the teachers of their choice. This is not possible in public schools, where every decision needs to be as per pre-decided policies. Any change in policy needs approval of the board, which is a cumbersome process.

2. Academics

Academic activities are carried out as per the curriculum approved by the board in public schools. In a private school, the curriculum can be tweaked to include additional modules that can help the students improve their skills and be prepared for a future career.

3. Career Preparation

An important part of higher education in schools is to prepare the students for their future careers. Public schools mostly give importance to clearing the examinations. A private Richmond secondary school would focus on beyond examinations. They would also focus on preparing the students for their future careers by helping them plan for admission to top colleges/Universities. This kind of focused approach would benefit students.

4. Individual Attention

Public schools have packed classrooms where a teacher cannot provide individual attention. A private school, on the other hand, has fewer students in each classroom. This allows the teachers to provide individual attention. This helps weak students improve. Good students can get special assistance to enhance their performance. This is the main reason why parents want their children to study in private schools.

5. Personality Development

The overall personality of a student is enhanced in a private school. There are additional courses of study for skill development. Extra-curricular activities are offered. All these help private school students develop their overall personality. This makes them more confident and helps them be better prepared for life beyond high school.

The comparison of public and private Richmond secondary school provided in this article will help parents decide which school is good for their children. Those who are focused on their careers or require personalized attention in academics can choose private schools for their high school education.