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Child Development Guide in Year Four Stage

A four year kid has just matured from a toddler to a preschooler. At this age he can run, jump and make fun. Some of the children at this age even become hyperactive. The level of child development of his various functions and limbs are as follows.

Physical Development

The energy requirement of a four year old child is seventeen hundred calories per day. He has the ability to learn the language and his speech organ develops adequately enabling him to imitate the words he listens. He is also able to answer appropriately to a question.

Motor Development In a four year old child

Motor development for a four year child is substantial. A four year old child is able to walk straight on a line drawn on the floor. His muscles adequately develop so that, now he can jump on the floor hopping on one of his feet. He can also pedal his three wheeler cycle confidently. If you allow him to pedal his cycle on the street in front of your house, you will notice that he can steer his cycle avoiding the passer byes and the lamp posts. At this age he spontaneously climbs on the chairs and equipments on the playground. If you place small obstacles, such as a brick on his way, he can jump over it. On the playground he keeps running around. He can throw a ball and his aim improves.

Creative, imitating and cognitive faculty

If you show him, he can imitate you forming simple things like a ball or a snake with clay. He can form towers with blocks and draw some shapes and letters. A four year old is also able to hold a crayon marker and colour the drawings. He is sometime unable to draw a desired shape. He can thread small beads on a string, if he is shown to do how. A four year old can recognize that certain words sound similar. He can name 18 to 20 letters in uppercase. A few of them can even read a simple alphabet book with many pictures on the pages. Four years old children makes fun with words creating funny languages. They also like to listen to stories. They are normally able to count up to twenty or more and they can understand the concepts of 'more' or 'less'. He can identify biggest or tallest building in the locality. He can recognize the sequence of events in his daily activities. He can also recognize the missing portion of a person or an animal in the picture.

Child Development of Language

A four year old can speak very fluently, though, sometimes he may make grammatical mistake. He can use words indicating possessiveness like 'mine' or 'hers'. His speech almost always makes sense. He can use elaborate structure of sentences. He is able to change his tone and structure of his sentence while talking to a baby younger than him, while he talks differently to the adults. He is able to tell his gender and address to people. He can even recite simple nursery rhymes.

Social development

He is able to play with friends and participate in group activities. He may seek the approval or praise of his parents for his accomplishments.

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