Updated at 2019-08-20 10:53:58 UTC

Difference Between Lunges And Squats

When it comes to building leg strengths, both lunges and squats are considered as ideal exercises. Both of them even appear to offer the same benefits, but you need to keep in mind that lunges do not carry certain negatives that squats do. Besides that, as compared to squat exercises, lunges offer two additional benefits.

Difference Between Lunges And Squats

Potential For Knee Injury Or Back Strain

People who follow squat exercises often complain of back or knee pain later on. That is the reason why experts prefer lunges to squats, as lunges are less likely to cause any physical problems as such. Experts believe that the actions that you have to perform during squats are a little unnatural.

Even the slightest mistake in squat postures can result in knee injury or back strain. Things can be worse if you are doing the exercise incorrectly and also carrying heavyweight. You can even try to mocospace login to divert your mind

Most of the times, people fail to perform squat actions correctly. That is the reason why it causes them to have physical problems later on. Lunges, on the other hand, are more natural, and therefore, you are very much likely to do it more correctly without much trouble.


Level Of Difficulty

With the above discussion, it is quite evident that lunges are less difficult to practice as compared to squats. Squats exercises are a little complicated. Besides that, there is also the fear of injuries. While you are performing squat exercises, you always have this suspicion whether you are practicing the right posture or not.

All these things keep you mentally occupied, which eventually limits the physical benefits that you are supposed to acquire from it. If you are concerned about all these things, you will find lunges a much easier and better exercise format.

Lunges Can Be More Helpful For Certain Sports Activities

The activities in certain sports, such as tennis, soccer, and basketball require more flexibility in your lower body parts, especially legs. Though squats and lunges both are done to strengthen the same lower body parts, experts believe that lunges provide better flexibility and strength to those parts. This very factor gives another edge to lunges over squats.


Lunges Also Help In Improving Your Overall Body Balance

Lunges also offer one more additional benefit as compared to squats – it improves your body balance. In this format of exercise, the toes of your foot that are left behind in the lunge movement carry your weight. You can easily work on improving your body balance more effectively by bending one leg slightly and extending another leg forward.

In the beginning, you may find it a little difficult to do, but when you keep practicing it, you will eventually find it easy. The best thing is that it is a safe posture. Even if you go a little wrong in following the posture accurately, there is nothing much to worry about.

Overall, though both lunges and squats work on the lower anatomy and seem to provide the same benefits, lunges are no doubt a much easier and better exercise format with no risk of physical injuries.