Grace Mugabe’s son impregnates South African girl

Updated at 2017-12-28 23:47:01 UTC

South Africa — Former First Lady Grace Mugabe’s son Mr Russell Goreraza allegedly impregnated a South African woman before turning his back on her.

Ms Dineo Gwendoline Kekana (22) poured her heart out to The Herald yesterday, saying Mr Goreraza, whom she fell in love with in 2016, was now playing hide-and- seek games and no longer responding to her calls.

The story of Dineo was all over the social media yesterday as she narrated how she met Mr Goreraza before they became an item, only to be dumped when she revealed she was pregnant.

Mr Goreraza is the child of former First Lady from her first marriage to Mr Stanley Goreraza, and is already embroiled in a divorce case at the High Court with Gladys Goreraza (nee Chiwaya), whom he wedded and they have a child.

“My name is Dineo Kekana, I am South African. I am pregnant with Russell Goreraza’s child. We started seeing each other in December last year, 2016. I fell pregnant in July this year,” she said.

Ms Kekana said Russell had become evasive and at one point he advised her to abort the pregnancy since he could not be held accountable by virtue of him being a foreigner. When contacted yesterday on WhatsApp, Mr Goreraza initially responded, but suddenly went silent when the issue of the woman was put to him.

“Who is this? I don’t answer to numbers I do not know,” said Mr Goreraza as this reporter introduced himself.

After being asked whether he wanted The Herald to make a call or continue to chat on his WhatsApp, Mr Goreraza said: “Regarding what exactly?”

He subsequently went quiet and stopped responding to enquiries upon being told the issue was about Ms Kekana. A close associate of Mr Goreraza accused Ms Kekana of being a gold digger.

“Why would she fall in love with a person whom she did not have enough details about to the extent of falling pregnant? That shows she is out for money. Let her do her part and we will meet in court,” said the source close to Mr Goreraza.

Ms Kekana told The Herald that her lawyers and parents tried to contact Mr Goreraza, but failed to get a response.

“We last spoke on the 15th of December, when I found out he was in South Africa and he did not tell me about his presence. I have been calling him, texting him. He does not respond. On WhatsApp, it shows that he would have read the message,” said Dineo.

She said initially Mr Goreraza told her he had been going through a rough time “due to the situation in Zimbabwe”.

On being told that she was being accused of hunting for rich pickings, Ms Kekana said: “Bad mouthing me is not going to make the matter disappear. Whatever he said about me does not change the fact that he is running away from his responsibilities.”

She continued: “I even told him we should get paternity tests done, but he is running away and avoiding me.”

In a divorce case before the High Court, Russell and Gladys agreed to terminate the seven-year-old marriage after their relationship “irretrievably broke down”.

Mr Goreraza claimed he and Gladys had irreconcilable differences and were incompatible with each other to the extent that they had not lived as husband and wife for the past two years. Mr Goreraza was also alleged to have impregnated the late Public Works Deputy Minister Senator Guy Georgias’ daughter.

This came out at the Harare Magistrates’ Court, where Mr Goreraza was accused of influencing the arrest and prosecution of Mr Georgias’ son, Mr Harry Moulder, after he allegedly assaulted his sister, who happened to be Mr Goreraza’s girlfriend.

This was revealed during Harry’s domestic violence trial, where he was charged with assaulting Lonna Kiki Kuriakitsa Georgias while fighting over their children’s food.