Updated at 2020-07-10 08:26:26 UTC

Web.com Reviews Explains How to Make Money by Promoting Products


You have probably recommended many products to your friends and family or to some strangers in the comment section of an internet post. According to Web.com Reviews, you shouldn’t do that for free since you can earn good money from that. Whether you want to promote products online or offline, you can get paid for it. Here’s how:

The Explanation

1. Be a brand ambassador - If it wasn’t obvious enough, brand ambassadors are a face for a brand and are enthusiastic about that brand. They are the face of the company and are knowledgeable about the services or products offered by the company. Before the era of the internet, you needed to be a celebrity to be a brand ambassador, but not anymore. 

Companies today are looking for people from different walks of life to reach the maximum penetration of their products into the market. Depending on your role as a brand ambassador you may have to create content, attend marketing events, do word of mouth advertising, or something else. Make sure to get into a deal that benefits you as well as the brand. 

2. Affiliate Marketing - One of the best ways to earn money through product promotion is affiliate marketing. You get a special link from a business when you become an affiliate and when people make a purchase through your link, you get a small commission. Think of it as the job of a salesperson, except you don’t need to visit people in person, but only need to make use of your blog. Blog content that works best for affiliate marketing includes roundups, tutorials, reviews, how-to posts, and a list of tools.  

3. Sponsored Posts - As a blogger, you also have other ways to earn money, instead of just affiliate marketing. You can directly work with different companies to write sponsored posts. In this case, the company pays you money or gives you a product or compensates you in some combination of the two. In exchange, you write their content on your blog. The content may be about a particular product or about a brand and you need to include it naturally in your blog. 

4. Social Media Influencer - If you have a large social media following, you can also use your social media handles for earning money through product promotion. The large fan following of social media influencers usually see them as celebrities. Hence, they enjoy a deep connection with their fan base and are sometimes even considered as experts in their field. 

So, as a social media influencer, when you promote a product or service, a large chunk of followers listen. This gives you leverage to work with brands and promote their products on your social media handles. Make sure that you don’t promote products that steer away too much from your field of influence. That will leave your audience confused.


Web.com Reviews suggest that you make good use of the tips mentioned above to promote products and add to your income. Don’t deviate too much from your sphere of influence as it does more harm than good.