Updated at 2020-06-26 12:17:34 UTC

Types of industrial ladders and where they are used

Ladders are one of the components and tools that are used in almost every industry. It is a simple but highly effective tool. It is available in different forms. Some of the ladders are manufactured for certain industries only such as the extendable ladders are highly used by the firefighting companies. 

While buying ladders it is extremely important to know that ladders used in homes are not suitable at all. Industrial ladders are made of high-grade durable substances that have high tensile strength. 

So without further ado let's look into the various types of ladders and in which industries they are used-

Types of ladders used in industries

Step ladders

These ladders are almost the most commonly seen. They are used in homes and industries as well. The industrial ones only have a high load rating. They don't have too much height. The maximum height is around 8-10 feet. They are used in warehouse industries, shops, and go downs for storage and retrieval of lightweight to medium weight goods. 

Platform ladders

Platform ladders are almost similar to the step ladders except that they have a platform at the top. The topmost step of the ladder has a big platform like space. This gives sufficient legroom. 

These are used in industries where people have to work for hours standing on the ladders. These ladders are a must buy to give your employees enough working space at the top. 

This will help them to work and move freely at the top without the tension of falling or slipping. This ensures that the worker can keep their focus and finish off the work in a quick time. The taller platform ladders also have adequate safety measures like railings and poles on the top to ensure safety for the workers. Visit euqip2go website equip2go.com.au and click on platform ladders section to view the various platform ladders. 

Fiberglass ladders

As the name suggests the fiberglass ladders are made up of fiberglass. They are slightly costly than all other materials. They are medium-lightweight and have high load capacities. 

Fiberglass is an excellent heat insulator and does not catch fire easily. It is a good buy for those who have fire hazard-prone areas. 

So you might want to buy them if you are involved in combustible chemical manufacturing companies, fireworks manufacturing companies, fertilizer industries, oil rigs, or workers who work in the close vicinity of a blast furnace.

Extendable ladders

As mentioned earlier they are mostly used by firefighting companies and disaster management teams. The extendable ladders are much taller than all other ladders. Some of them can reach heights up to several tens of feet up in the air. 

These are made from high-grade fiberglass materials. Each material that is used is checked for its tensile strength and load-bearing capacity. This is because a fully extended ladder can be huge to be huge in weight. 

Foldable ladders

These ladders are foldable and thus they don't need too much of storing space. These are ideal for in-house use in homes or factories, industries, warehouses, and go downs. They have a medium load-bearing capacity. So don't use them for heavy load work or else you run the risk of breaking the ladder. To view the various foldable ladders you can visit equip2go.com.au for further reference. 

Work platforms

These ladders are highly unique. They have a cage-like structure on top of the ladder. They are affixed on the topmost platform of the ladder. They are highly used by electrical wiring and repairing companies, glass window cleaning companies, and even by some rescue teams. They have a long reach and generally have good loading capacity. The topmost platform has high railings for the safety of the worker. The space on the platform is sufficient enough for 2-3 men to stand and work simultaneously. 

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