Vanessa Hamilton

Updated at 2021-04-29 18:49:39 UTC

San Francisco is far and away the most liberal place in the United States

How did San Francisco become the most liberal city in the United States?

When did this happen, the 1960s? San Francisco is far and away the most liberal place in the United States. How and why do people put up with the laws and the high taxes?

If King Norton was alive today, would he be mad? What first attracted the gays to move there? SF also has the World Naked Bike ride once a year. Aren't there any public indecency laws in San Francisco?

Are people worried about another Earthquake in the near future, especially owners of such pricey homes?

 I could ask this to people in many cities, but in SF, where in the hell do working class people live? People like restaurant managers, cops, civil service people etc? Not everyone there is banking 100K, which is just about what people need to have a decent life in SF.

Now there is an exodus of African American becuase more than likely, they could not afford to live there. I was told that most of the Chinese in SF are from the south of China and speak primarily Cantonese and not Mandarin. Now if you want conservative, the Bay Area has plenty of suburbs that fit the bill, so you could theoretically live "near" SF and be in a very conservative place, only entering the city to dine, shop, and go to museums. Actually, Berkeley is the most liberal city in America. SF is the most liberal big city though.

I think the 60's counterculture movement started it for both places in the way we know it today. But the famed "Barbary Coast" in the 1800s was also a place for hedonistic behavior at a time when it was not common.

SF has always had its reputation as a wild frontier town, away from the judgments and culture of the East Coast traditions. It's always been a magent for people who were different from the mainstream. The Folsom Street Fair is actually mixed, gay and straight, though the percentage of gay men is pretty high.

Dore Alley festival is even more shocking though. It's a very modern, sophisticated place in its core, with different neighborhoods all around.