Micheal Jordan

Updated at 2020-04-06 10:04:12 UTC

Top 7 quality issues for custom cardboard boxes

The development of technology and innovation has given rise to a large number of packaging solutions. Cardboard boxes are one such type that has taken the world by storm. These are serving in all the business industries around us. But before making them your most trusted option, you need to give closer attention to a few quality issues.

The following passage is about the factors that must be analyzed before the choice of perfect packaging for you.

1. Durability

The first and the foremost thing that can be an issue in this regard is whether the material you have chosen is durable and strong enough or not. The main purpose of packaging is to keep the products safe and protected from any potential damage or spoilage. The corrugated cardboard boxes can be a good choice, where durability is your main priority. These are strong enough to keep the goods safe from any external shock or pressure. Most of the people prefer this material for their business items due to the provision of high-level safety for the goods.

2. Convenient Transportation

The next thing in line is that whether the box you have chosen is easy for shipping purposes or not. This is because people need to transport their goods from one place to another all the time. Apart from the availability of protective features, your packaging must be light in weight so that you can accommodate maximum products in one place. The loading and unloading also become easy if the packages are easy to carry. The transportation cost also varies for different material types. Therefore, before closing the deal with the transporter, make sure that he asks for an affordable price.

3. Printing Issues

The printing industry has developed a lot since the past few years. It allows you to print anything you like on the shipment or display boxes. Printing can be used to market your brand. But, when you are dealing specifically with cardboard solutions, you should always check the compatibility of printing with the material whether the printed text or images look good on your packaging solution or not. The printing quality would only look good if the material you have chosen is of premium quality. Inferior quality cardboard will be a waste if you want to use it for brand promotion using printing features.

4. Selection of a Right size

The sizing of the packaging is as important as all the other necessary things. Start by making a plan. Analyze the things that you want to pack. Measure its size from all the sides. Only then you should go for the ordering of cardboard packaging for your business. An unwanted extra large size would cost you extra money, your things would not be adjusted properly, and this would also result in increased costs during the transportation of the things.

5. Inner Protection

One main issue that is associated with the custom boxes is the inner protection of fragile goods. The packaging might be strong enough to withstand any outside shock, but what would you do if the delicate goods placed inside that box are getting rubbed with each other vigorously? This can cause damage to glass or marble items. In such situations, you must go for extra internal layers that the world keeps the things protected. For this purpose, you can use bubble wraps or shredded cardboard material.

6. Concerns about Customization

The customization features are used to give an improved look to your boxes. But the customization might not always fit well with every material. Therefore before going for a bulk order of cardboard packaging design, always ask for a test sample. This would allow you to analyze the products, whether it satisfies your purpose or not. You can ask for potential modifications at this stage. But once you get the order, there would be no chance of any further transformations.

7. Storing Issues

The custom cardboard boxes that you select for your business might need to be placed in the storehouse for longer durations. The place where these are stored might be damp or wet that could be a threat to the functionality of your items. Therefore, your cardboard packaging solution must have the quality to render such dampness issues.

In short, cardboard boxes are a good option for all the business types, but at the same time, there are some issues that can affect their performance or reputation. Some of the potential issues in this regard are presented before you in the above section. Read the passage and get an idea about what things to consider while looking for materials to pack your business goods.