Kris Humphries demands 'divorce trial'

By Belfast Telegraph Updated at 2012-04-28 18:45:24 +0000


Kris Humphries is gunning for "the truth to finally come out" about his short marriage to Kim Kardashian.

The connubial bliss between the professional basketball player and the reality TV star lasted just 72 days before they announced they had split.

The former couple are still embroiled in divorce proceedings and emotionally damaged Kris is seeking retribution.

He also requests details on how their wedding gifts have been allocated.

"Kris wants a divorce trial so that the truth can finally come out - amongst other matters, he wants to know about a $325k wedding gift that the couple got from a very wealthy Malaysian businessman that attended the wedding," a source revealed to Radar Online. "Kris was at Kim's house when the very gift was delivered -- it was given to both of them but Kim has kept sole ownership of the gift and has used it extensively. She will be asked about it, under oath, on the stand at the trial. For Kris this isn't about the money, it never has been, it's about the truth finally coming out."

Kim reportedly gave the couple's wedding gifts to charity instead of distributing them back to benefactors and Kris is suspicious of this activity.

"The total of their wedding gifts, not including the $325k luxury item, was around $400k, and not the $100k value that Kim has publicly stated," the source added. "When you include the $325k gift, they actually got over $700k in total in wedding presents, so Kim should have donated a lot more to charity that the $200k she claims she has."