Very public private ceremony: Kim Kardashian and Kanye West officially tied the knot

By Updated at 2014-05-25 17:05:45 +0000

The ceremony was held in front of nearly 200 family member and friends in Florence, Italy, People reports. Details about the extravagant, multi-day celebration have been making headlines for weeks; this is a couple whose everyday lives are filmed for TV cameras, after all.
If this was indeed a private affair – reportedly some of the events, but likely not the ceremony itself, will appear on Keeping Up With the Kardashians — where is the line drawn between Kimye’s public persona and their personal life? For a couple that seems to exist in a never-ending, over-the-top hip-hop video, we’re trying to figure that out. Here’s what we know.

Kim and Kanye got married in a 16th-century-era fortress built to protect Florence and the family that ruled it.

The wedding took place at the historic Forte di Belvedere, built to show off the power and wealth of the Medici family. Holding the ceremony in a fort provides an easy metaphor: No outsiders — especially paparazzi — allowed.
Guests were asked to hand over their cell phones before the event.
Despite the Kardashian clan’s love of social media, the couple — and only the couple — will say how and when the first images of their wedding go public.
Lana Del Rey sang at a pre-wedding celebration at the Palace of Versailles. Andrea Bocelli performed at the ceremony.
This translates to: “We’re famous. We have famous friends and have enough cash to hire whomever we don’t personally know.”
That’s right — Friday night’s celebration took place in France. The couple flew their guests to Italy Saturday morning.
Via private jet, because first class is for the normals.
Celebrity event planner Sharon Sacks coordinated the nuptials. Los Angeles-based invitationers Lehr and Black designed the escort cards. Galateo Ricevimenti provided the Tuscan cuisine. The seven-tier cake was crafted by Galeto. Artwork was provided by Vanessa Beecroft Art Installation.