Alec Baldwin Taken Into Police Custody While Riding His Bike

By Updated at 2014-05-13 17:24:38 +0000


The actor, 56, was spotted Tuesday morning being handcuffed by a New York City police officer for riding the wrong way on his bike.

"Alec was taken into custody in order to ID him and given two summons this morning in NYC," the New York Deputy Commissioner of Public Information told "The Insider With Yahoo," clarifying that the star was not arrested. "One for riding his bicycle in the opposite direction of traffic and another for disorderly conduct. He was taken to the 13th precinct and has been released."

A source tells "The Insider" that Baldwin was indeed riding his bike alone on the wrong side of Fifth Avenue when he was stopped by police. Additionally, he did not have his ID on him, which is why he had to be handcuffed and taken into the local precinct.

"He became belligerent, yelling and screaming at the officers, 'I don't have ID. Just give me the fucking summonses,'" a police source told the New York Daily News.

In a photo obtained by InTouch Weekly, Baldwin is wearing a workout ensemble of black shorts, a black jacket, and black visor. Despite being charged with disorderly conduct, he appears calm. But, then again, shortly after the incident, he took to Twitter to vent his frustrations with the NYPD.

Baldwin's had a long-running history of allowing his temper to flare up, especially when dealing with paparazzi. However, he's remained rather quiet since the beginning of the year. His last run-in was back in November, when he was accused of lobbing homophobic slurs at a snapper. In February, he announced that he was "done" with public life.

Simultaneously, Baldwin's wife, Hilaria, has been on a rant of her own, tweeting photos of the photographer Alec mentioned. "This man almost hit my child and ran when the cops arrived. Anyone know him?" she wrote. "Obviously he doesn't want his pic taken. Neither did my baby girl who he made cry. Please help me find this man."

By Breanne L. Heldman
Yahoo Celebrity