…what is this?

By Updated at 2014-04-12 00:55:44 +0000


The story behind that horrifying Emma Watson GIF is even weirder than the GIF itself

A GIF of Emma Watson morphing into Sophia Vergara transfixed and horrified the Internet Wednesday, with reactions generally a variation of “…what is this?”

The GIF is so thoroughly creepy and borderline NSFW, in fact, that my editor did not allow me to embed it in this post — though if you’d like, you can see the whole thing here.
Truth, in this case, might be stranger than fiction. The GIF comes from a YouTube video by the user curveballbe, as the Daily Dot dug up this morning. It’s a cleverly edited version of a clip by the silicone mask-maker Kerry Johnson, using the program After Effects — think Photoshop for video.
But wait! There’s more. The “be” in Curveballbe stands for “breast expansion,” and curveballbe is, it appears, actually a prolific editor of celebrity photos and videos. This isn’t exactly SFW, so we won’t link to his or her work here. Let’s just say that curveballbe runs an entire blog dedicated to editing the chests of famous females, an obscure fetish that — apparently! — has an entire Internet following. Some members of that subculture were actually disappointed by the Emma Watson GIF.
“I’m no fan of this mask thing, i was hoping for a new breast expansion,” one of curveballbe’s fans commented on the video.
“Just be patient — there will be more BE eventually,” curveballbe wrote back.