Brad Pitt 'wants landing site'

By Belfast Telegraph Updated at 2012-05-01 15:45:31 +0000


Brad Pitt reportedly wants a plane landing site at his French chateau.

The Hollywood star recently proposed to Angelina Jolie, his partner of seven years. They are believed to be planning to marry at their property in France, which is currently being renovated.

According to British magazine Grazia, Brad is determined for things to be perfect so the nuptials can take place later this year.

"Brad's spent over £10 million already," a source told the publication. "Now he's offering hefty bonuses to workers to complete it by summer. He's even trying to organise an aeroplane landing site in the grounds for guests to come in by private jet - but that's proving rather tricky, what with permits and no-fly zones."

The actor has also been working on the menu for the special day, which will reportedly consist of 12 courses. He is keen to ensure the best ingredients are used from the surrounding area.

"Brad's been tasting and looking up rare French dishes for weeks," the insider continued. "He wants the perfect menu and, of course, the perfect wine to accompany it. That is going to be locally sourced too."

It's also rumoured that Brad has asked Angelina's brother James Haven to marry them as he is a minister.

American publications are speculated to be willing to pay as much as $10 million for the first wedding picture of the couple. They famously agreed a $14 million price tag for images of their now three-year-old twins Knox and Vivienne, which was donated to charity.