Cameron Diaz Explains How She and Gwyneth Paltrow "Became Very Close" Friends

By eonline Rebecca Macatee Updated at 2012-04-30 19:44:32 +0000


Cameron Diaz and Gwyneth Paltrow have more in common than being blond, beautiful and talented actresses: Both of their fathers passed away at the age of 58.

In a revealing interview with Harper's Bazaar U.K.'s June issue, Diaz says it was after the passing of her father, Emilio Diaz, in 2008 that she and Paltrow "became very close." (Paltrow's father Bruce lost his battle to cancer in 2002.)

"She reached out after my dad's death," the What to Expect When You're Expecting star tells the mag. "It was very sweet. We bonded on that."

The 39-year-old actress also refers to Paltrow and her hubby Chris Martin as "exceptional people." But the "perfect Englishman," in Diaz's eyes, isn't Coldplay's frontman: It's none other than Colin Firth…

"[He's got] just enough of the self-effacing [quality] to a point that it's comfortable for other people," she gushes. "But [he's] also totally charming and engaging to where he makes you feel special."

Firth, 51, is presumably flattered by Diaz's crush, but he won't be making any moves. He's been married to Livia Giuggioli since 1997; he has two children with Giuggioli and one from a previous relationship.

And while Diaz has dated some desirable guys—including Justin Timberlake and Alex Rodriguez—she hasn't made it to the altar yet, which is perfectly OK by her.

"I'm not sitting there going, 'Oh my god, when am I going to get married? When am I going to have a baby?'" she says. "I would be remiss if I was living my live wishing I had something other than what I have. If one day, I am blessed with the experience of having a child, I would be overjoyed, but I am not sitting here feeling empty because I haven't yet, or that I may not."

Good attitude; great girl.