Simon Cowell honest about relationships

By Belfast Telegraph Updated at 2012-04-29 12:31:06 +0000


Simon Cowell reportedly refers to his lady friends as "toys".

The music mogul has been at the centre of some lurid claims about his personal life recently, due to a new biography about him. It's been alleged he had a secret affair with his former UK X Factor judge Dannii Minogue, will only use black toilet paper and was once robbed by a woman he met in a nightclub.

Several women who are close to Simon have spoken out in his defence, insisting he isn't the womaniser he's being made out as.

"He never makes any bones about wanting more from relationships - he'll openly call me his 'toy'," one told the British edition of Grazia magazine. "To me, that's honesty. If you don't know where you stand with Simon, then there's something wrong with your brain. I wish there were more men like him."

Another woman who is close to Simon insists he is always clear about what he wants from relationships. He uses humour to ensure ladies don't expect too much from him.

"No girlfriend is ever going to come first to Simon. He even says romance is number five on his list (business is at one, money is two, his mother three and working relationships, four). Although, he is very cheeky, and when he's dating someone and they've had a good week, he'll say, 'Oh, you've moved up to number four,'" she said. "It's only girls who think they are too special who get offended by Simon."