White House Correspondents’ Dinner: George Clooney offered Noah Wyle bail money?

By Washington Post Updated at 2012-04-29 09:37:09 +0000


George Clooney, who was swarmed during Saturday’s White House Correspondents’ dinner by scads of autograph seekers and mobile phone photo requesters, said he was well aware that his former “E.R.” co-star, Noah Wyle, was arrested in Washington last week.

“I saw it, when he got handcuffed,” said the Oscar-winning actor/director, who himself was arrested March 16 outside Washington’s Sudanese Embassy for protesting the hunger crisis in Sudan. That occurred a few weeks before Wyle’s April 23 arrest during a protest against Medicaid cuts.

“And I wrote him,” Clooney laughed. “I said, ‘Do you need bail money?’”

“He’s a good kid,” Clooney continued, referring to Wyle. “What, he’s a kid — he’s 40. He’s a good man and I’m happy to know him.”

When this reporter suggested that Clooney’s next mission should be to get Anthony Edwards, another “ER” co-star, arrested for protesting some important policy issue, he quipped, “We’ll get everybody arrested. Last time I was here [in Washington] I was in handcuffs.”

Clooney, who attended the dinner as a guest of Time magazine but sans girlfriend Stacy Keibler (he told Politico she was working on her role in the TBS sitcom “Men at Work” and therefore had to bow out of attending), also responded to a question related to his recent directorial effort, “The Ides of March.”

When asked if he would like to work on another political film, he said, “I just like doing films. I don’t really think of it like looking for political films. I just do films that I’m interested in, and I was interested in the same subject mater and thought I’d do it. You know. You don’t look for genres in particular, you look for good scripts.”

And does he have a favorite moment from the presidential campaign season so far?

“Because I’m an old Democrat, I kind of try to stay out of the Republicans’ primary and let them do their thing,” he said. “Then during the general election, you have a conversation about it. That seems to be the fair thing to do.”

Fairness in politics? Ah, the audacity of Clooney.