• Kushner contradicts Trump team's denials of Russia contacts (
    2017-07-25 05:47:22 UTC
    By Zachary Cohen and Marshall Cohen, CNN — Washington (CNN)For nearly a year, President Donald Trump and several of his top advisers have repeatedly denied that there was any contact between members of...

  • Deadly Kabul car bombing (
    2017-07-24 04:39:54 UTC
    By DW (dpa, AFP, AP) — The death toll from Monday morning's car bombing in the west of Kabul could rise further, according to the Interior Ministry. At least 21 people were dead and more than 40 were...

  • This Powerful New Film Tells “the Real Handmaid’s Tale” (
    2017-07-24 04:33:50 UTC
    By NINA LISS-SCHULTZ Civia Tamarkin wanted to make a film about reproductive rights, but she knew it had to transcend the familiar abortion debate. A veteran criminal justice reporter and two-time documentari...

  • Snooty, world's oldest known manatee, dies aged 69 in 'heartbreaking accident' (
    2017-07-24 04:31:33 UTC
    By Martin Pengelly Snooty, the world’s oldest known manatee, died on Sunday at his Florida home, a day after celebrating his 69th birthday. In a statement, South Florida Museum chief executive Brynne Anne Be...

  • Shooting at Israeli embassy in Jordan (
    2017-07-24 04:15:10 UTC
    Two Jordanians have been killed and an Israeli wounded in a shooting incident at the Israeli embassy in Jordan's capital Amman, according to a local security source. Read more on

  • Chuck Schumer Says Senate Democrats Are Open To Single-Payer Health Care (
    2017-07-24 04:11:31 UTC
    By Mollie Reilly Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.) argued Sunday that it’s time for the Democratic party to take a “bold” approach on economic issues, adding a single-payer health care system is “on...

  • This presidency can’t be saved. It’s all downhill from here. (
    2017-07-24 01:29:50 UTC
    By Jennifer Rubin — In light of news reports that President Trump’s team is scouring the record for conflicts of interest on special counsel Robert S. Mueller III’s team (the essence of chutzpah) and con...

  • The World is Finally Laughing at the US and its President
    2017-07-19 06:28:18 UTC
    Trump says the world is laughing at the U.S. He's right — but not for the reason he thinks.

  • Political Party Quiz
    2017-07-19 06:26:03 UTC

  • Sack the manager, lengthen the odds
    2017-07-18 08:22:30 UTC
    with the club stating they were after a replacement ‘with more managerial experience’. How does this affect a team’s performance and should you avoid bet on sports? The timing couldn’t have been worse. Such a dec...

  • Cricket Betting Tips Free - Rules For CBTF
    2017-06-20 06:30:38 UTC
    With the passage of T20 and the huge measures of cash related with it, Cricket has persisted because of the underhand way a few people inside the cricket have abused their position for direct financial pick up. A few people have point of view esca...

  • Astronomers find a planet orbiting the closest star to Earth
    2017-05-22 19:31:06 UTC
    Astronomers using ESO telescopes and other facilities have found clear evidence of a planet orbiting the closest star to Earth, Proxima Centauri. The long-sought world, designated Proxima b, orbits its cool red parent star every 11 d...

  • Top News Headlines for Today
    2017-05-10 06:52:21 UTC
    Jimmy Carter: I voted for Bernie Sanders /system/images/20756/large/Jimmy_Carter-_I_voted_for_Bernie_Sanders.jpg?149...

  • Online Cricket Betting Tips So You Can Win!
    2017-05-02 13:00:46 UTC
    I bet you need some online cricket betting tips so you can begin winning right? All things considered, cricket betting really is a fun approach to appreciate the different sort of cricket you cherish. It is an agreeable pastime and can likewise ...

  • Instructional exercises On sports Betting
    2017-05-02 12:09:37 UTC
    Putting down a bet or bet on a brandishing or match tie is an immaculate approach to add delight to game, cricket betting is an enormously prevalent breathing easy for games fans everywhere throughout the world. That assumed there is dependably sp...

  • 11 Tips To Placing An Online Cricket Bet
    2017-05-02 09:06:52 UTC
    As you probably are aware, cricket betting are not quite the same as different types of betting in light of the fact that there are no set formulae or frameworks that you can apply aimlessly. This is not a viable replacement for information about ...

  • Breaking world news articles, features and analysis around the globe
    2017-04-28 06:25:51 UTC
    The Global Gathering  |  The New York Times  |  <a hr...

  • Cricket Betting Tips
    2017-04-25 16:37:25 UTC
    Online Free Cricket betting tips Get By Ragu Ram. He providing best cricket betting prediction for ipl and all international matches.

  • KKK members leave Klan after befriending black musician
    2017-03-01 09:56:35 UTC
    Daryl Davis talks to Al Jazeera about how his efforts to reach out to white supremacists led to many renouncing racism.<p s...

  • What Bill Gates is afraid of
    2017-03-01 09:54:35 UTC
    What’s likeliest to kill more than 10 million human beingsin the next 20 years?It’s probably not what you&rsquo...

  • Bubbles and Heels
    2017-02-25 21:33:11 UTC
    • RELATIONSHIPS RELATIONSHIPS RELATIONSHIPS … THEY MATTER,Counsellor Talk : Creative Collaborative Connections• HEELS HEELS HEELS, color:...

  • Germany Sees Donald Trump as an Enemy
    2017-02-22 10:09:56 UTC
    The new U.S. president directly threatens Europe and Germany. How will the Continent react?Is America now Europe’s e...

  • Who Is Steve Bannon?
    2017-02-22 10:09:03 UTC
    Steve Bannon’s own words show sharp break on security issues / USA TODAYSteve Bannon, who has ascended ...

  • #WomensMarch Washington D.C. January 21, 2017
    2017-02-04 01:38:21 UTC

  • Stay Cricket Rating the decent Announcement Pertaining to Cricket Fanatics
    2017-02-01 09:08:23 UTC
    As various individuals are occupied in their riotous routine of these carry out the occupation, it's not ceaselessly a probability to figure out how to see any cricket coordinate live. Independent of how an awesome give you cherish the ...