• Sweden: Koenigsegg One:1 vs 0-300-0 kmh
    2015-06-23 03:14:44 UTC
    Koenigsegg has revealed that its One:1 “megacar” has managed to accelerate from a standstill to 300km/h (186mph), and back down to zero again, in just 17.95 seconds.Sounds fast, right? It is fast. Way back in 2011, its Agera ...

  • Jon Stewart on Charleston: 'No jokes,' 'just sadness'
    2015-06-20 10:09:47 UTC
    Jon Stewart addresses a shooting at the Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church in Charleston, South Carolina, that took the lives of nine parishioners.<span st...

  • Trans-Pacific Trade Pact (TPP): Hands Off Our Medicines
    2015-06-20 07:20:16 UTC
    Many countries and treatment providers, including Doctors Without Borders/Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF), rely on affordable quality generic medicines to treat life-threatening diseases. We need...

  • Jon Stewart Goes Off On "Motherf*cker" Donald Rumsfeld For Iraq War Revisionism
    2015-06-20 06:52:44 UTC
    Former Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld is back in the news after telling the Times of London in an interview that Bush was "w...

  • Hey Ted Cruz, Why Don’t You Shove Your Joe Biden ‘Jokes’ Right Up Your Bible Hole?
    2015-06-11 19:37:42 UTC

  • Handmade Instant Fried Ice Cream Rolls / Cookies, Brownie & Vanilla / Thailand, Ko Phi Phi
    2015-06-11 00:48:40 UTC
    Instant Handmade Fried Ice Cream Rolls at Ko Phi Phi Island (Krabi/Thailand) in a special way by a street vendor.Cookies, Brownie, Vanilla Ice Cream and Chocolate Sauce!!f-video-editor fr-fvn f...

  • Protect Our Kids from Sexual Violence
    2015-05-29 18:08:34 UTC
    This article contains graphic information that may be upsetting. Protect Our Kids from Sexual Violence: Pass the Teach Safe Relationships Acth...

  • Avoiding Common Health Care Mistakes as You Age - KQED Radio ( n p r )
    2015-05-29 03:16:47 UTC
    Wed, May 27, 2015 -- 10:00 AMThe number of people aged 65 and older will nearly double by 2050, according to the Pew Research Center. Yet there aren't nearly enough geriatric medical specialists to tackle this aging population. We&a...

  • Are erasers in school 'instruments of the devil'?
    2015-05-28 17:48:50 UTC
    A cognitive scientist has suggested rubbers be banned from classrooms. Chris Stokel-Walker asks - What is the benefit in presenting children's work, warts and all?Guy Claxton, visiting professor at Kings College Lon...

  • America Has More Gun Shops Than Grocery Stores
    2015-05-19 17:41:54 UTC
    Kids, guns and the American wayA nine-year-old Arkansas boy called Hank asked his uncle if he could head off on his own from their...

  • Why I Don't Believe in God ?
    2015-05-19 16:14:29 UTC
    Religion is not a perception of a real entity. Religion is not a perception of a real phenomenon. It is a dogma, supported and perpetuated by tradition and social pressure ...

  • NASA Study Shows 10,000-year-old ice shelf to disappear by 2020
    2015-05-19 07:26:59 UTC
    A new NASA study finds the last remaining section of Antarctica's Larsen B Ice Shelf, which partially collapsed in 2002, is quickly weakening and likely to disintegrate completely before the end of the decade....

  • Global Warming Ruining Scotland’s Historic Buildings
    2015-05-18 07:48:31 UTC
    SCOTLAND’S most ancient and treasured historical attractions are coming under increasing threat from the effects of global warmWetter winters and warmer summers are causing some of our most iconic buildings and monuments to turn gr...

  • Patience is the secret to management
    2015-05-03 18:51:49 UTC
    Even the U.S. couldn’t establish a management system like ours. Picking trainees, signing a long term contract, and teaching trainees for a long period of time, this just can’t happen in the U.S. U.S. agencies are hired as sub-contractors after an...

  • Here are my top tips for you, if you long to create a happier, healthier life:
    2015-05-03 17:12:57 UTC
    1) If you move toward something, it will move toward you As W.H. Murray famously said: "The moment one definitely commits oneself, then providence moves too. All sorts of things occur to help one that would never otherwise have...

  • There's More to Life Than Being Happy
    2015-05-03 16:58:23 UTC
    Meaning comes from the pursuit of more complex things than happiness "It is the very pursuit of happiness that thwarts happiness." In September 1942, Viktor Frankl, a prominent Jewish psychiatrist and neurologi...

  • Earthquake in Nepal: Who is providing help in this tragedy?
    2015-05-03 16:57:41 UTC
    I don't understand the complaint about who is providing help in this tragedy. We are just seeing the tip of the iceberg in Kathmandu; the epicentre was north-west amongst hundreds of mountain villages. Across the world there's a cry for 'world pea...

  • What Investors Have Learned from the Major Earthquake
    2015-05-03 16:56:52 UTC
    1. Introduction The Great East Japan Earthquake has dramatically altered the way the Japanese economy is seen. For example, the way that housing and real estate values are seen in Japan has changed since 3.11. Location value is...

  • Tom Cotton and the 46 other Republican senators signing the letter to Iran, have incredibly damaged the foreign policy of the nation
    2015-05-03 16:56:23 UTC
    Never, in my memory, have the Democrats acted as irresponsibly in foreign policy matters, when they were in control of the Senate. This letter should be immediately and publicly withdrawn. All 47 Republican senators signing it should ...

  • European Soccer is a Layman's Guide to the Professional Leagues
    2015-05-03 16:48:37 UTC
    2014 World Cup, more-and-more Americans have been intrigued by the sport and want to continue following it (at least until college football and the NFL return at the end of August). Nowadays, there’s more European soccer on American television oft...

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    2014-07-25 05:26:57 UTC
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