• lyf
    2014-01-21 05:04:34 UTC
    lyf is short make informed choices

  • high rate motors (u) ltd
    2014-01-15 12:22:28 UTC
    dealers in car spraying and panel beating with quality services. located on plot 3/5,1st street opp. angenoir discotheque

  • Mr.Martin
    2014-01-14 11:49:34 UTC
    I'm back what's happening?

  • king ever green
    2014-01-13 10:45:18 UTC
    the thing of this life is just for a sort time that the world will soon come to an end.

  • politics in nigeria!
    2014-01-10 09:06:30 UTC
    politicians are desperate to rule, so they mixed politics with religion! lets shine our eyes!

  • Michael Schumaker
    2014-01-07 05:18:44 UTC
    Michael, God is the Healing God and I believe he is listening our prayers and is upon you

  • sales person in any fild
    2014-01-06 12:43:57 UTC
    sale person is a like street hooker

  • make your self busy
    2014-01-05 14:20:02 UTC
    lemme ask how can you kip you're self busy when your not working. considering the situation your undertaking how can some make a partner and trusted business which are ideas to be considered and factors including the advantages of the agenda men...

  • 2014
    2014-01-01 17:52:20 UTC
    this year shall be merciful and glorious indeed

  • samson
    2013-12-28 22:12:34 UTC
    i am engineer

  • ffdgbnggtt
    2013-12-28 15:11:14 UTC

  • TV show zoey 101
    2013-12-27 02:57:08 UTC
    Everyone that is on this website watch the TV show that comes on zoey 101

    2013-12-24 17:57:44 UTC
    Its such a shame for my grandparents to think that they ruled it...a world where a berry is a phone and ................

    2013-12-23 18:35:41 UTC

    2013-12-23 18:34:56 UTC

  • moonvo
    2013-12-23 18:29:49 UTC

  • scripts
    2013-12-14 11:42:37 UTC
    ignorance is one of the biggest weakness in life, finding out what u dont know demolishes darkness into light.

  • Condolences to the Mandela Family
    2013-12-06 21:49:11 UTC
    The Spear has fallen. The legend, the great leader, the world’s loved hero, the Father and a Grandfather of the Nation, the renowned Madiba, the honest and the loyal citizen of this country who fought for all our freedom. The selfless and down-to...

  • Tyrese Sheds Tears At Paul Walker's Car Crash
    2013-12-03 02:13:41 UTC
    US actor Paul Walker has died in a car crash in California. A statement from his Facebook page announced that he had been a passenger in a friend’s car when it crashed just north of Los Angeles. The 40-year-old star of the Fast and the ...

  • US surveillance scandal.
    2013-12-01 06:11:46 UTC
    It was a good thing that US did because of security purposes!

  • j
    2013-11-28 20:03:04 UTC
    husam alkusari

  • True Love, Robert, And Kristen.
    2013-11-28 07:33:17 UTC
    Kristen is not the first person to break the heart of the person that they dearly love. I wish she had not hurt Robert, but unfortunately we cannot change the past. I am very good at reading people's faces and I have watched these videos of Ro...

  • hi
    2013-11-27 07:38:07 UTC
    hi meaza

    2013-11-16 16:26:43 UTC
    DISASTERS OF THE PHILIPPNE GOVERNMENT ON DISASTERS. Typhoon Yolanda – Guiuan, Eastern Samar, November 08, 2013 among all similar disasters that hover the Philippine government. The weather bureau of the Philippines had detected and announced...

  • facbook
    2013-11-10 17:02:06 UTC