The World is Finally Laughing at the US and its President

Updated at 2017-07-19 06:28:18 UTC

Trump says the world is laughing at the U.S. He's right — but not for the reason he thinks.

Merkel gets higher ratings globally than Xi, Putin or Trump Low global confidence in Trump leads to lower ratings for U.S. Changing views of the U.S.: Favorability down across world, but up in Russia Trump's ratings in Western Europe similar to those for Bush in 2008 Widespread disapproval of Trump's signature policy proposals Global publics more likely to say relations with U.S. will get worse than better, though prevailing view is that things will stay about the same Russians give Trump higher marks than Obama or Bush ever received Starkly different assessments of Obama and Trump in Germany In Mexico, steep drops in U.S. favorability and confidence in U.S. president Trump, U.S. get lowest ratings from Canada in 15 years View of U.S. mostly down, up in Russia European views of the U.S. on the decline Low confidence in Trump worldwide Comparing global confidence in Donald Trump, Barack Obama, and George W. Bush Those on ideological right more confident in Trump than those on left Those with a positive view of right-wing populist European parties more positive about Trump Around world, strong opposition to proposed U.S.-Mexico border wall Those on ideological left more likely to see Trump as dangerous Majority of world thinks of Trump as arrogant, intolerant and dangerous Many do not expect relations with U.S. to change during Trump's tenure Trump finds little support around the world, with Merkel inspiring most confidence