A call to feminine alliance

Updated at 2017-01-30 06:05:37 UTC

    I dunno, is it just me, or are you feeling this upswelling of woman power?  Over the past months, as we experience this surreal administrative tsunami, the natural reaction is to look for a hug.   "Help?  Are you as worried as I?"    Angry, for certain, yet perhaps angry at myself for not working harder before.   How could this have happened? 

    The Universe keeps throwing intoxicating estrogen-filled endorphines at me via happenings.   My sister, worried about me navigating through a break-up buys me a series of "radiant You" podcasts.   I pack up to leave and come across the Artists Way.   These things sooth me and remind me that I am stronger than I give myself credit for . I am taking more time to journal, surround myself with music, nature and art....organize my thoughts and start sharing more.   Powerful woman clients appear at the studio and as I photograph them I can almost see their heart like a shimmering light.   Image title

    Then we experience the Womans March.  Hundreds of thousands of calm yet powerful people letting this monster know, "not on my watch buddy."   Men, women, sons, daughters, babies.

    This is my first entry here, and I'd like to connect with other people and gather some momentum.   Let me know what you are experiencing, ways that you are finding power, comfort, and movement.   I'll be doing Godess Portraits for the month of February in Oakland. 

Reach out!  Reenie


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