Car Care tips before Driving

Updated at 2016-03-01 06:36:03 UTC

Check the hose and belts of your vehicle because sometimes they cracked and creates problem in your vehicle so that you cannot enjoy your ride. These things also creates problem in electrical system, air conditioner, cooling system and heater of your vehicle. Check the tire for their pressure and tread. Check the alignment and wheel balancing of your vehicle. Alignment makes your vehicle to drive straight otherwise the steering will pull to one side.

Check the lightening of your vehicle so that you can make your vehicle to be seen in night time and also you can see other vehicles on the road. Check the wipers of your vehicle that they are working properly or not and also check the wiper blades. Change the wiper blades in every six months. Fill your filter with solvent.

You should have to restock your emergency kit and also check the fuel in your vehicle so that you can enjoy your ride. Bonnet King suggests you to check the gas caps that are loose or damaged so that oil or gas not leak for your car.


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