Betting Online in India

Updated at 2016-02-27 08:38:21 UTC

Indians who bet on betting sites using their account are criminals because it is illegal in India and they are broking the rules of Forex which is controlling the betting in India.

Sikkim Government has approved betting sites in Sikkim and allows them to operate from there. But the question is that, is the sites are available to everyone who is living in other states where betting is illegal. Some states have approved betting as legal in their Region.

Cricket Betting

Cricket betting in India is illegal but it is operating regularly from there. Many newspapers have printed that these sites are directly funding to the terrorist groups to run terrorist activities in the World. The International Cricket Council has urged Indian government to legalize betting in India so that the money is controlled. It is also a source of Tax. It provides too much tax to government. If government makes it legal then it will give the job to many people. It works for families as their business. Cricket betting has lot of money so it is good to collect money from it. Legalization of betting makes it easy for government to control crime activities for it. Free betting tips are also provided by betting sites.


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