What to take into account for outright betting:

Updated at 2016-02-25 08:33:31 UTC

Tournament/event duration: A bet on a daily race will be paid out almost instantly, but a bet on a cricket championship will tie up your stake for as many weeks or months it takes for the event to be completed and produce a winner.

Non-competitor refunds: For certain sports, bookmakers sometimes offer to refund your stake if a selection you back fails to compete in an event. This is most common in cricket matches, with no-runner, no-bet offers on major outright winner markets. Keep in mind that these refunds are usually offered within a month or so of an event. They’ll rarely apply to bets you place several months in advance, which put you at greater risk of losing due to a competitor pulling out.

Personal changes: If you’re betting on a sports team ahead of an event, keep a sharp eye on injuries and the transfer market. An injury or imminent transfer of a key player or manager at a club can easily shake up the outright odds market for free betting tips for world cup t20.

Trends: In team sports like cricket, a relatively small selection of competitors routinely takes top honors over an extended period. An example is the cricket World Cup, which has been won by just five of the over 14 teams that have contested it. For outright betting, it’s important to review tournament histories to identify definitive trends. Avoid speculative bets on higher-odds teams with no previous wins.


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