Updated at 2016-02-23 01:00:05 UTC

Julie Bowen does a fantastic impression of Sofia Vergara. - February 8th 2016

Happy birthday, Ashton Kutcher! I hope you’re celebrating in your birthday suit. - February 7th 2016

George Clooney was here today and he pranked my prank. - February 4th 2016

Just an observation. - February 4th 2016Jacob Tremblay is adorable on every level.  - February 2nd 2016Sam won my Dance Off! If you think you’ve got what it takes to dance on my show, upload your video on the Chosen app! - Jnuary 21st 2016

I just found Hilary Duff’s new boyfriend for her - January 29th 2016

This was my birthday dance. - January 28th 2016

Lauren Cohan isn’t afraid of the zombies on TheWalkingDead. This guy dressed as a doll, however…  - January 20th 2016


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