Jimmy Carter: I voted for Bernie Sanders

By Updated at 2017-05-09 05:43:45 +0000


Former U.S. President Jimmy Carter said Monday night that he had voted for Senator Bernie Sanders in the 2016 Democratic primary over Hillary Clinton.

The 39th president of the United States made the revelation during a talk with Sanders at the Carter Center in Georgia on Monday night, billed as "a conversation about human rights" between the two men.

After Sanders discussed the high voter participation rates in French presidential election — and how that level of participation is essential for the U.S. — Carter quipped "Can y'all see why I voted for him?"

In August 2016, Jimmy Carter said that he was going to vote for Hillary Clinton in the general election. "It's been an exciting and unprecedented kind of campaign this year, and unfortunately, the way it's turned out, both choices in the major parties are quite unpopular," Carter said at the time. "But I don't have any doubt that one of the candidates is better qualified than the other."