How Bill Clinton manipulated Donald Trump into running

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How Bill Clinton manipulated Donald Trump into running.

Hillary Clinton vs Donald Trump — According to polling data, Donal Trump may dominate the GOP race but compared to the Democratic Party, Hillary Clinton still takes the lead in the 2016 presidential election.

Former President Bill Clinton, husband of Democratic presidential front-runner Hillary Clinton, encouraged Trump's thinking and gave advice about how he could make inroads in the Republican Party.

"He manipulated Donald Trump into running for president on the GOP ticket because he believed it would weaken the party and hand the election to his wife", Ed Klein writes on his website.

Trump's comments come several days after The Washington Post reported that Clinton called Trump in late May:

"My mind was already totally made up. I was already running, essentially," Trump told CNN's Don Lemon on "CNN Tonight," saying Clinton would have no interest in a Trump run because the magnate was "Hillary's worst nightmare."

The Republican TV Showdown - Donald Trump & The Others


Why Bill Clinton Is Behind Donald Trump’s Problems

(By Ed Klein)

Bill Clinton is rubbing his hands with glee and taking full credit for Donald Trump’s mounting problems—his belligerent handling of Fox’s Megyn Kelly and his refusal to rule out a third-party bid.
Political insiders tell 'Ed Klein Confidential' that Bill [ Clinton ], who Charlie Rose once called “the best political animal that’s ever been in American politics,” was up to his usual shenanigans when he called Trump several weeks ago and encouraged him to run for president.
In Bill’s judgment, Jeb Bush posed the biggest threat to Hillary’s chances of winning the White House, and he figured—rightly—that a Trump candidacy would put a crimp in Bush’s campaign and sow confusion in the GOP ranks.
Bill is a master at reading other people’s weaknesses, and he predicted that Trump - who never lets a slight or insult go unpunished - would go ballistic under tough questioning by Fox News anchors during the first Republican president debate.
Bill was thrilled - but not surprised - when Trump threatened to launch a third party bid if he was defeated in the Republican primary. That was music to Bill ears, because it would split the Republican vote and hand the election to Hillary.
It’s not surprising, therefore, that Bill Clinton thinks he was the real winner of last week’s Republican presidential debate.

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